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    Christian Books


    Holy Bible Helpmate 

    ISBN: 9780980282733

    Paperback 100 pages


    A brief overview of each Book of the Bible, which is followed by a 3-year lectionary, themes for Sundays and special days, a Glossary and a list of Bible texts on different topics, useful for study or preaching.

    (Profit goes to helping supply this book to Pastors in PNG)


    A Lenten Journey:

    St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians

    ISBN: 9780980282719

    Paperback 76 pages


    (Please contact me for the price of multiple copies)

    A series of six small group studies examine the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians. Includes questions for discussion and activities for home; has a duration of about an hour.


    St. Paul's Letter to the Celts

    ISBN: 970980282788

    Paperback 216 pages


    Galatia was home for three Celtic tribes. This book examines Paul's Letter to the Galatians and its continuing relevance for Celts and all who read it today. Includes questions

    for personal or group study.


    Do You Love God?

    ISBN 9780992599645

    Paperback 140 pages


    Addresses the different ways in which we love, and in the light of Jesus' condensation of the Ten Commandments, how we can love our loving Father. Includes question for discussion at th end of each chapter.


    Words of Wisdom

    A Colouring Book

    ISBN 9780992599652

    Paperback spirex

    30 pages to colour

    An adult colouring book. It opens flat and each page is separate so it can be torn out and framed. The designs are based on ancient truths from the Old Testament Book of Proverbs.




    Children's Books


    Chips Quackety (3-6 yrs)

    ISBN: 9781612047195

    Picture Story Book, illustrated by the author

    Paperback 36 pages


    At the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Elly persuades her parents to buy a tiny duckling. He is named Chips Quackety and the family has a number of adventures as Elly and her parents learn to care for Chips and keep him happy as he grows.


    The Pandanus People (4-8 yrs)

    ISBN: 978608600069

    Paperback 29 pages

    Illustrated by the author


    Billy and Jilly live in a pandanus tree and have some amazing adventures, learn to listen to instructions, be nice to others and obey family rules. The gentle Christian undertone helps children connect faith to their everyday behaviour.


    Christmas Snow (6-10 yrs)

    ISBN: 9780992599621

    Paperback 40 pages

    Illustrated by the author


    Awarded First Prize in a Macmillan Publishing competition for teachers. On one of the islands of the D'Entrecasteaux group off the eastern tip of PNG, a young lad, Faiteli, has an adventure with his classmates and teachers as they visit a mountain village to sing carols on Christmas Eve.


    Joan and the Great Depression (10-12 yrs)

    The Joan Murray Series, Book 1

    ISBN: 97809802857

    Paperback 137 pages

    Illustrated by the author


    Joan lives in Black Rock, Melbourne, and her experiences during the Great Depression of the early 1930s are described. It is a time of adventure with friends and of learning to trust in God as she copes with the many changes that occur in her life.


    Joan: Sunshine and Shadows (10-12 yrs)

    The Joan Murray Series, Book 2

    ISBN: 9780992599614

    Paperback 188 pages

    Illustrated by the author


    Joan' 1930s adventures continue as worst of the Great Depression is fading, but the possibility of war casts a shadow over the lives of many people. Joan and her family continue to live in Black Rock, Melbourne, with special fun times away at the family's holiday house in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.



    Dithyrambles: Poems of the Heart

    ISBN: 978098028276

    Paperback 96 pages

    Black and white illustrations


    Chosen from poems written by Bronwen from childhood until the present day. Some are humorous, some serious for special occasions, while yet others have a Christian context. The title is based on the word 'dithyrambic', meaning 'wildly enthusiastic and irregular.'


    Balm of Beerburrum (a novel)

    ISBN: 978098028272

    Paperback 256 pages


    As their wedding draws near, Violet Anderson's fiancé breaks their engagement. She is upset and questions the existence of a loving God. Her travel agent boss sends her on an assignment to accompany his teenage daughter and stay with his relatives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Can she reconnect with God there and find balm for her wounded heart?  




    Dad, the Great War and Beyond

    46 pages

    Contains illustrations

    ebook available from Kindle under the title or my name.

    Includes some of Dad's experiences in Europe during World War I and later back home in Australia.


    This is Our Story

    ISBN: 9780980282771

    Paperback 220 pages


    Autobiography that covers our family's years as missionaries living in Salamo on Fergusson Island in the lovely D'Entrecasteaux off the eastern tip of PNG.


    Applegarth: An Australian family abroad in 1970

    ISBN: 9780980282795

    Paperback 404 pages


    Adventure with us as we travel by ship with four of our children to England in 1970. Our home for the year is in 'Applegarth', in Meopham, a village in Kent. We travel in our motorised caravan at every opportunity, visit relatives and friends in many parts of the UK, and spend the summer holidays on the Continent, enthusiastically immersing ourselves in much history and tradition.


    The Memoirs of Genevieve Cutler

    ISBN: 9780992599638

    Paperback 296 pages

    Note: Now available on Kindle

    Meet Genevieve, born into a devout Christian family in Brighton, Melbourne, in 1920; worker on The Argus; in World War II creator of The BLOTS, then Company Officer; trained as a nurse at The Alfred; Bishop Stanway's Secretary, then nursing Sister with CMS, later with Save the Children: eighteen years in Africa; writer for many causes, a life of faith, dedication and service and a great example to us all.

    More Books

    Christmas Card Record Book 

    ISBN: 9780980282740

    Hard cover 136 pages


    An attractive gift for recording the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. Each letter of the alphabet begins with a page that offers ideas for preparation for the season, making plans, lists, and how to create cards and decorations. It also includes Christmas recipes, hints on travel with children, holiday pet-care and games for a happy Christmas Day.


    Cornish Kinsfolk: From Cornwall to Castlemaine

    ISBN: 9780980282702

    Paperback 406 pages

    Includes Bibliography and comprehensive index


    Family tree book awarded First Prize in Castlemaine Historical Society awards, 2006. Comments include" 'Sets high standard...very well written and well presented.'

    My apology that this is out of print and unavailable at present.




    • I visit Genevieve Cutler fairly frequently - she's 98, and sends her greetings to all who may remember her.                                           
    • Have you seen this review of my children's book, 'The Pandanus People'?
    •  http://bonda.hubpages.com/hub/Book-Review-The-Pandanus-People
    • Watch out for the latest book I'm working on at the moment, a Christian novel. It's title will be 'Bodrigy', my maternal Grandparents' old home, and it is set within an imaginary Cornish community living in Black Rock, Victoria, Australia.


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